Drainage Services

Drainage Services Surrey

Drains can be blocked by oils or fats poured down sinks, foreign objects or silt, dirt or leaves washed into gullies. More serious structural problems with your drains caused by subsidence, root intrusion or corrosion could have long term consequences for the safety of your home and the health of your family. You can trust RP Drainage to fix any unpleasant scenario fast.


  • Skilled and Equipped

    RP Drainage engineers are local to you, available 24/7 and trained to impeccable standards so you get the best possible service. Take a look inside our vans to see our equipment and you’ll be convinced we can tackle any problem of any severity. Whether the drain needs a simple clean with our jetting machine, or CCTV exploration, we’ve seen it before, and we’ve fixed it before.

  • No Clearance, No Charge

    You can trust the work of a RP Drainage engineer to clear all blockages without a call-out charge and with no hidden costs. If we need to access the drain for a repair, your buildings insurance will often cover the cost, and RP Drainage can often liaise directly with your insurance company to manage this process for you.

  • Safety First

    Your family’s safety is our priority and our engineers minimise the health risks of a blockage. We offer other products to help protect your family like the Watertight non–return valve, a small plastic valve fitted in minutes in the manhole on your property. In flood prone areas this can stop rising water, bad smells, sewage or rodents coming back up the pipes into your home.